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Amateur pornography is a type of pornography that is characterized by the participation of non-professionals of the sex industry, shooting erotic and sexual videos outside the traditional pornographic production framework. This type of erotic content is often perceived as more authentic and diversified than professional productionsand is of growing interest among pornography consumers.

The appeal of amateur pornography is mainly based on the search for authenticity and spontaneity. Videos of this kind are often shot with limited technical means and feature people with various physiquesThis diversity and spontaneity can provide consumers with the opportunity to experience the beauty of the world in a different way than the stereotypical beauty of professional pornography. This diversity and spontaneity can offer consumers a more realistic erotic experienceby putting forward situations and bodies closer to their own experience.

In addition, amateur pornography allows you to discover a wide variety of practices, desires and fantasiesreflecting the diversity of human sexual experience. The amateur videos are often the result of the personal expression of the participants, who thus share their own tastes and preferences with the public.