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Interracial pornography can be seen as a form of diversification in the adult entertainment industry. It offers consumers a variety of options and caters to different fantasies. In addition, it can help break down some of the taboos and stereotypes associated with sexual and romantic relationships between people of different ethnic and racial backgrounds, showing that love and attraction can transcend cultural boundaries.

However, interracial pornography also raises important issues. First, it can reinforce and perpetuate racial and cultural stereotypes, presenting power relations and dynamics that reflect and reproduce existing racial inequalities in society. For example, scripts that feature Black men as hypersexualized and dominant.

Finally, interracial pornography can contribute to the fetishization of people based on their ethnic or racial background. This type of fetishization can dehumanize individuals and reduce them to a mere object of desire or fantasy, without regard for their personalities, histories, and feelings.