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Beurette" pornography can be seen as a form of diversification of the adult entertainment industry, offering consumers a variety of options and catering to different fantasies. In addition, it can help to break down some of the taboos and stereotypes associated with the sexuality of North African women, showing that they too are desirable and sexually active women.

However, the pornography "beurette" raises some problems. First of all, it contributes to the fetishization and exoticization of women of North African origin. The actresses are often reduced to their ethnic and cultural origin, which can reinforce stereotypes and prejudices against them. The portrayal of "beurette" women as submissive, docile or hypersexualized is problematic and can have negative consequences on the way these women are perceived and treated in society.

The use of the term "beurette" itself is controversial. Some consider it a pejorative and degrading term, referring to a stereotyped and caricatured image of North African women.