+50 Best Doggy style GIFs

4 January 2024

The doggy style and without a doubt one of the most famous and appreciated sexual position. Doggy style is a position that is very similar to the lordosis, a position adopted by most mammals during copulation.

The female bends over to present her rump to the male and thus, facilitate reproduction. And it is undoubtedly this wild and animal side that makes doggy style so enjoyable, it appeals to our instincts. In addition to being a pleasurable position that releases your "animal" side, doggy style is also a practical position that allows sperm to be deposited in the cervix, increasing the chances of getting pregnant.

Indeed, doggy style is a position that can allow men to reach the deepest recesses of their partner's intimacy, regardless of the size of their devices.

If you want to improve your doggy style and vary the pleasures, we advise you to go to the end of this article. (Go a little further in the article to enjoy more than 50 doggy style GIFs)

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+50 hottest doggy style GIFs

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She puts this huge braquemart in her mouth for a whole day.

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The housekeeper does not take care of herself

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Doggy style in black and white

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Cougar bitch taken doggy style

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She's putting this ziggy in with her big firecracker

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A well-oiled doggy style

She likes to be pulled on her pigtails during doggy style

Big bitch gets ready for doggy style

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Doggy style sodomy

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Violent doggy style, this slut likes

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He fucks her gently from behind

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She gets her ass blown off during doggy style and screams with pleasure

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He gives her a good doggy style

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This daronne appreciates well-oiled dogfish

Doggy style: the different positions

Spooning, standing, reverse cowgirl or using the elephant position (elephant union), doggy style has many positions that allow you to vary the pleasures.

The union of the elephant

Cathy Karsenty

Cathy Karsenty

The union of the elephant or "the position of the sphinx" is a position of Kamasutra. The principle is simple, the penetrated person lies on his stomach, the partner crashes on his partner and penetrates her from behind. Like doggy style, the advantage of this position is that it stimulates particularly deeply and is able to easily make you reach the G spot.

This increases the chances of cumming. Again, as with "traditional" doggy style, even with a small penis, you can feel and give maximum pleasure.

The union of the wolf


Bad Girls Bible

The Bodyguard Position is commonly referred to as standing doggy style. To perform wolf joining, you must both stand facing the same direction. The lover will stand behind his partner and penetrate her. If he is taller, he will usually have to bend his knees to penetrate her.

From there, you just have to put daddy inside mommy and repeat the operation. The union of the wolf like the "traditional" doggy style can be practiced in different ways, the biggest variable being the support on which the lady will lean. You can even practice the "elephant union" while standing up and pressing the lady against a wall.

The spoon



The spoon or 99 is a fairly well-known variant of doggy style. The two lovers are lying on their sides (in a doggy style), and look in the same direction.

The lady slightly raises her knees while her partner slides behind her pelvis and penetrates her from behind. The 99 being a very well known position, it also has many variations, for example the fork or the inverted spoon.


Doggy style has many, many variations that we can't describe here, we could literally write a book about it. If you are interested in the subject, we advise you to have a look at the essential Kamsutra or to consult some specialized sites on this domain.

Doggy style is such a well known and appreciated position, that some people have made it their specialty and will not hesitate to share their expertise on this incredible position.

If you want to continue to vary the pleasures in the marital bed (or elsewhere) and enjoy more GIFs of fellatio.


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