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2 March 2023

Cunnilingus is the equivalent of fellatio for women, an oral sexual practice often used as a preliminary. A great way to please your partner without having to penetrate her. It's also a good way to warm up before getting down to business.

Cunni is an oral-genital caress that consists of using the tongue, lips or nose to satisfy a female partner. The cunnilingus allows to stimulate the different parts of the vagina like the clitoris and can lead to orgasm.

Below, you will find 50 of the best cunnilingus porn gifs. All the lovers of cunni will appreciate these animated images of cunni.

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+50 hottest Cunni GIFs

Sexy tasting session

Ejaculation by tongue thrust

Lesbian Happiness

Nice frame

Real people love pussy

Maintenance of a perfect cleft by a lesbian

Mothers devour each other

Young lesbian licks the pretty pussy of his girlfriend

He devours his kitty like a starving man who hasn't eaten in days

Make her happy before using it

Jennifer White in Asslicious 2

This chair seems comfortable to him

Mother and daughter also have their needs

He eats her big pussy soaked in mussel juice and offers her the best cunni of her life !

Small cunni during the coffee break

A horny housewife and a lucky plumber


The girl in the background seems to appreciate her cunni

He dives in head first

Young girl sawing her pussy on her boyfriend's face

Acrobatic cunnilingus

Cunni on the beach, could this be a glimpse of paradise?

A brutal cunni that the two lovers seem to appreciate

A deft and precise stroke of the tongue

The actress Serena Blair offers a sublime cunni to her friend Ashley

It devours the pussy of this pretty bitch

A scene from a hentai in which a pervert grazes his girlfriend's vagina on the train

This bitch mistook her girlfriend for a chainsaw and saws her vagina on her face

Two blond lesbians offer themselves a cunni

This bitch is hungry and won't leave a bit

She sits on his face with her beautiful, well-oiled ass

Scarlit Scandal enjoys a cunni

An old pervert expert in cunni grazes the pussy of this young woman

A beautiful kiss on her lips

She receives an excellent cunni and makes her husband hard

She makes her girlfriend cum with quick strokes of her tongue

She receives a cunni from her young boyfriend

She drinks the juice from her pussy like a thirsty woman

Dillion Harper seems to like having her pussy eaten

He is satisfied while she fondles her breasts

A cunni at the speed of sound

Come over here and lick this

It does him a favor by cleaning his kitty thoroughly

He feasts on the pussy of an Asian student

Small cunnilingus for this pretty bulbous ass

Branlette and cunni

A good 69 and without any doubt the best way to enjoy a cunni

Cunnilingus at the office

Sexy brunette has fun with her tits while her boyfriend offers her a cunni

An incredibly hot outdoor cunnilingus between lesbians

Surprise for the boss, small cunni under the table

Two hentai lesbians have a cunni

Two young women of ebony make a cunnilingus

Cunnilingus : The different positions

Lying position


The "classic" cunnilingus position. The person receiving the cunnilingus lies on his or her back while his or her partner lies on his or her stomach, bringing his or her face closer to the vagina of his or her beloved.

The position of the 69


The 69, also known as the "crow's convention" in the Kamasutra, is a well-known intimate position that allows both partners mutual pleasure. Both partners stimulate each other's sex with their mouths.

The two spouses lie opposite each other, each facing the other's sex. This is a position that can involve two people of the same sex. In a heterosexual relationship, cunnilingus will be accompanied by a fellatio.

Oral doggy style


The doggy style oral is a variant of cunni that has several advantages. The lady gets on all fours as if she was going to be doggy style while her partner lowers her face to the level of her vagina to offer her a cunnilingus.

This advantageous position allows the gentleman to switch to the traditional doggy style position after having aroused his partner. It can also allow to vary the pleasures by offering to his beloved a anilingus.

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