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POV (Point Of View) pornography is a genre of pornography that relies on the staging of erotic and sexual situations filmed from the subjective point of view of one of the participants, usually the man.

This particular perspective gives viewers the illusion of being part of the action, making the experience more immersive and realistic. The appeal of POV pornography lies in mainly in its immersive aspect.

Indeed, videos of this kind are designed to give viewers the impression that they are directly involved in the scenes presented.

Thus, the actors and actresses often speak directly to the camera, reinforcing this impression of intimacy and participation.

This approach to pornography can elicit a variety of reactions from consumers. For some, the immersive and personal experience offered by POV videos is particularly exciting, as it makes it easier to project oneself into erotic situations.

For others, however, this subjective perspective may make the experience more disturbing or less comfortable.