PornHub in 2018 in figures

The 6th annual review of Pornhub released, their comprehensive summary of the trends, technology and types of porn that have allowed us to connect and get out in 2018. 2018 was an epic year with lots of research, celebrities and events that influenced the way people around the world visited and used Pornhub.

Follow to see the most interesting data points collected by their team of statisticians, all presented with colorful graphs and interesting comments. Have fun!

The year of pornhub in figures

We're not saying that size matters, but 2018 was an impressive year for Pornhub and its users. The number of visits to Pornhub reached 33.5 billion in the year 2018, an increase of 5 billion over 2017. This equates to a daily average of 92 million visitors, and at the time of writing, daily visits to Pornhub now exceed 100 million. To put this into perspective, it's as if the combined populations of Canada, Poland and Australia visited Pornhub every day!

Pornhub's servers served up to 30.3 billion searches, or 962 searches per second. To ensure that there was always fresh content to satisfy these searches, Pornhub fans, models and partners uploaded an incredible 4.79 million new videos, creating over a million hours of new content to enjoy on the site. If you had started watching the 2018 videos after Brother Wright's first flight in 1903, you would still be watching them today 115 years later!

All this high-definition video means that a lot of data is being pumped through Pornhub's servers every day. In 2018, they transferred 4403 petabytes of data, or 147 gigabytes per second. That's more bandwidth than the entire Internet consumed in 2002!

When they are not busy watching videos, Pornhub users love to socialize, with nearly 64 million private messages sent and 7.9 million video comments left. The words most often used in Pornhub comments include many terms such as love, hot, like, good and sexy. More than 141 million people took the time to vote for their favorite videos, which is more people than in the last U.S. presidential election.

While you were jerking off

Every minute, 63,992 new visitors arrive at Pornhub, 207,405 videos are viewed and 57,750 searches are performed. 55 of these views are of Kim Kardashian's sextape, which is still the most watched video of all time on Pornhub, with 195 million views.

12 new videos and 2 hours of content are uploaded to Pornhub every minute while 7708 Gigabytes of data are transferred worldwide. Pornhub users view 13,962 profiles, follow 593 other users, accept 167 friend requests and send 122 messages. 271 videos are rated, 528 are added to playlists and 22 new comments are left.

Top Searches & Pornstars

Pornhub's main research is often influenced by mainstream media and pop culture events. It's perhaps not surprising that pornstar (and alleged pre-presidential mistress) Stormy Daniels topped the list of research that defined 2018. From January on, every time she makes the headlines, public curiosity is at its peak and Stormy's research takes a leap forward.

Research for the hit game "Fortnite" also defined 2018 as the year in which it went from obscurity to one of the top 20 searches of the year. Every time a new Fortnite character was announced, the searches increased dramatically. You can view all of our game character searches below.

Fantasy plays a big role in pornography (and in fact in human sexuality), so it's natural that people want to see sexual scenarios involving the game characters they are emotionally connected to. In April, when Fortnite's servers crashed, Fortnite's search increased by 60% over a 24-hour period.

Just as '1080p' searches were a defining term in 2017, ultra-hd '4k' searches experienced a significant increase in popularity throughout 2018. The popularity of 'romantic' videos more than doubled and remained twice as popular among women as men.

Interest in transgender pornography saw significant gains in 2018, particularly with an increase of 167% in searches by males and over 200% by visitors over 45 years of age (becoming the fifth most searched term by those aged 45-64).

Not only did "outdoor" pornography searches increase throughout 2018, but the number of downloads labelled as being filmed outdoors almost tripled.

Searches for "tattoos" increased throughout the year, reflecting their growing popularity among millenniums and young professionals. The popularity of Pornhub's "Women Tattooed" category increased by 88 % compared to 2017.

Searches referring to the dating application "Tinder" have increased by 161% among women, 113% among men and 131% among visitors aged 35-44 years. It is also a term with a strong trend in many countries, including the UK and Australia. The number of Tinder fantasy and fantasy videos on the site is now over 3500.

Life imitates art, and ultimately porn imitates everything, so perhaps it's not surprising that "Bowsette" is also on the search list that defined 2018. After Nintendo's original fan art went viral, Bowsette's searches surpassed 3 million in just one week and resulted in the release of a live porn parody of Bowsette (NSFW) with over 720,000 views.

Finally, havons found that threesome videos had a significant impact in 2018, as they became the 8th most popular category of Pornhub and the second most popular category of videos among women. Threesome porn has seen significant gains in many European countries, including France, Italy, Spain, Poland and the Netherlands.

2018: most searched terms in 2018

Aside from buzzwords, Pornhub's top four searches by volume remained the same from 2017 to 2018, including "...", "...", "...", "..." and "...". lesbians"Contrary to popular belief, men are not only interested in young bodies, they like the idea of an older, experienced woman and are less concerned with the perfection of her body.

Searches for "Japanese" gained 3 positions to become the 5th most popular search, with "Asian" gaining 6, "Korean" gaining 16 and "Chinese" gaining 14 positions.

Last year, the most popular video game search "Overwatch" dropped 7 positions to make way for a new favourite video game "Fortnite". In 2018, "cartoon" lost 6 positions, while "anime" gained 22. Both "big ass" and "big tits" saw strong growth of 4 and 6 points respectively.

Not surprisingly, Stormy Daniels (NSFW) was the most sought-after pornstar in 2018, rising from his previous ranking of 671 in 2017 to 84 million video views. Other strong shifts included Lana Rhoades (NSFW) by 24 spots, Abella Danger (NSFW) by 19 spots, Adriana Chechik (NSFW) by 31 spots, and Kim Kardashian (NSFW) from 4th to 14th place. Riley Reid (NSFW) recorded the highest number of video views in 2018 at 363 million, followed by Lana Rhoades with an impressive 345 million.

For the second year in a row, Jordi El Nino Polla (NSFW), the exclusive star of Brazzer, was the most sought after male pornstar, this time alongside the best female pornstars for an overall ranking of 12th. Johnny Sins (NSFW) moved up to 2nd place replacing last year's Mandingo (NSFW) who fell to 5th place.

Top 20 countries by traffic

Once again, the United States continues to be the country with the highest daily traffic to Pornhub, followed by the United Kingdom, India, Japan, Canada, France and Germany. Traffic from Italy increased in 2018, taking 8th place at the expense of Australia. The Philippines moved up 3 positions to reach the top 10, while Mexico remained in 11th place. Brazil, Spain and the Netherlands all saw their rank decrease as Poland moved up.

The newest member of Pornhub's top 20 is Ukraine, which gained 11 places in 2017, with Sweden, Argentina, Russia and South Africa all remaining in the top 20.

Together, these top 20 countries account for 80 % of Pornhub's daily traffic.

A time for reflection

In 2018, the average length of a visit to Pornhub increased by 14 seconds to 10 minutes and 13 seconds. While some visitors may take longer to watch videos and use Pornhub's community features, the time spent on the site may reflect many factors, including the speed of Internet and mobile bandwidth available in different regions.

The Philippines still tops the list of most interested countries with an impressive 13 minutes and 50 seconds, 22 seconds longer than in 2017, and in fact all of the top 20 countries managed to last a little longer in 2018, with the exception of South Africa who managed to get the job done 5 seconds faster than last year.

Although still a little short, Japanese visitors have increased their average visiting time by almost a minute in 2018, and for the second year in a row, Russia is going back and forth faster than any other country in the top 20 with just 7 minutes and 48 seconds.

While the United States has a relatively impressive 10 minutes 37 seconds, some states are doing their best to impress, with visitors from Mississippi exceeding the national average by 46 seconds, 37 seconds in South Carolina, 35 seconds in Arkansas and 33 seconds in Alabama.

Kansas is by far the fastest with only 9 minutes 21 seconds. Last year's fastest state, Oregon, added 21 seconds to its visiting time in 2018, placing it just below the national average. The biggest drop in the year came from the District of Columbia, which lost 20 seconds in visiting time compared to 2017.

Around the world, and in fact in most of the countries surveyed, Sunday is the most popular day to visit Pornhub, while Friday tends to have the least traffic. This is largely due to the times people prefer to watch porn. Peak viewing times are usually from 10:00 p.m. to midnight, but on weekends (as people tend to get up later, go out more often and sleep longer), the viewing time shifts more towards the morning hours.

Analysis by category

While search terms can be more easily influenced by current trends and different international terminologies, Pornhub's more than 100 video categories are the same all over the world, so whether compared internationally or locally, the categories can give a strong indication of the types or genres of pornography that people are most interested in watching.

Over the past few years,''...LesbianIn 2018, other popular favorites such as "MILF", "Ebony" and "MILF" will be added to the list of popular favorites. Hentai "The views of the Japanese category have been reinforced by additional traffic from countries such as Japan and the Philippines where visitors tend to watch more Japanese porn.

"Anal" and " Mature "The "Amateur" category has continued to grow, as it did in the 2017 and 2016 annual reviews. It seems that people are moving away from commercially produced porn and want to see more natural bodies. This can fuel the fantasy that even the girl next door can secretly be a slut.

The lesbians dominate much of North, Central and South America, as well as many parts of Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

« Hentai "Arabic is more popular in Russia throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia, as well as in parts of South America such as Chile and Peru. Arabic is more popular in North Africa, while "Ebony" is more popular in Central, West and Southern Africa.

Visits to the "Romantic" category more than doubled in 2018, as well as an increase of 88 % in the number of "Tattooed Women". With the arrival of smarter sex toys on the market, we have seen the Pornhub "Interactive" category gain popularity since its launch. The popularity of the "Korean" category has seen significant gains that coincided with the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in South Korea.

The "Amateur" category is the longest watched category with an average of 15 minutes 25 seconds, an increase of 54 seconds over 2017. The next longest watched category is "Mature" at 14 minutes 21 seconds. Although the "Redhead" category is generally watched for the shortest period of time, just over 3 minutes, it could also be argued that videos featuring redheads are simply very effective at getting the job done, so to speak. The same is true for "POV", "Virtual Reality", " Hentai " and "Tattooed Women," all of which are watched for less than 9 minutes on average.

Demographics by gender

The lesbians has remained the number one search among women who visit Pornhub, while "Japanese" has become the number one search among men instead of the MILF. Hentai continued to improve from 4th to 3rd place for both men and women.

The most common term for both sexes was "Fortnite". Research for "Korean" increased by 188 % for women and 213 % for men, while research for "trans" increased by 73 % for women and 167 % for men. Research for the popular application "Tinder" grew for both sexes, while "ASMR" (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) resonated strongly among women for the second year.

Women are proportionally 281% more likely than men to watch "Pussy Licking", 197% more likely to watch "Solo Male" videos and 151% more likely to watch "Pussy Licking" videos. Lesbians"Women continue to favor lesbian porn. that's why pussy licking is popular.

Women are twice as likely to watch content featuring pornographic movies such as "Gangbang" and "Double Penetration," but they are also twice as likely to watch videos with a "romantic" theme. According to Dr. Laurie, this may be an indication that "women are looking for more stories to start with in pornography. This is interesting because in reality, women are much more autonomous and "responsible" for their sexuality, but in fantasies, some still cling to traditional gender roles.

Stormy Daniels ranked first as the pornstar most often sought by women in 2018, followed by Mia Khalifa and Johnny Sins. Compared to men, women were 451 % more likely to search for gay pornstar Chris Crocker, who is also a well-known Internet celebrity (who remembers his video "Leave Britney Alone!")?

Three of the top five pornstars most sought after by women (compared to men) are gay pornstars, including Diego Sans and William Seed. This is not surprising, as a previous study by Insights found that 37 % of male homosexual pornography is actually watched by women on Pornhub.

In 2018, the proportion of female visitors to Pornhub rose to 29 %, an increase of 3 % over 2017. Each year we see an increase indicating that women are increasingly comfortable exploring their sexuality, moving away from the idea that porn is only for men - what a change from just a few decades ago!

Among the top 20 Pornhub countries, the Philippines has the highest proportion of female visitors (38 %), followed by Brazil and South Africa (35 %), while Japan and Italy both saw their female audience increase by 6 % compared to 2017.

Age demographics

Pornhub visitors have grown a little over last year in terms of average age, but only by six months, with the average Pornhub user worldwide now aged 35.5 years. The proportion of visitors aged 18 to 24 has decreased by 3 %, while the proportion of visitors aged 25 to 34 has increased by the same order of magnitude. Together, the millennia aged 18 to 34 years still account for 61 % of Pornhub traffic.

The United States has seen its Pornhub audience mature by 2 years, from an average of 36 to 38, as has the United Kingdom. India is by far the country with the highest number of millennia, with 85 % of traffic and an average age of 29 years. Argentina has the highest proportion of visitors over 45 years old, accounting for 33% of their traffic.

In 2018, "hentai" replaced "lesbian" as the most popular search among 18 to 24 year olds and also saw "anime" make its top 10 for the first time. Fortnite is the term most likely in their age group, with an increase of 143 % of searches in the ASMR. Compared to all other age groups, 18 to 24 year olds were 124 % more likely to see "Hentai", 101 % more in "Cartoon" and 67 % more in "Cosplay".

« Japanese "Fortnite' continued its second year as the most popular search among 25-34 year olds. Fortnite' was the most common term, along with an increase of 233% in 'Korean' searches and an increase of 187% in 'anime' searches. Compared to other age groups of 25-34 year olds, those 38 % more likely to watch videos of " virtual reality "and 34 % more likely to watch videos of "tattooed women".

Visitors aged 35-44 preferred the category ".... MILF "Dating site searches increased by 131%, and trans pornography and anime searches increased by 124% and 107% respectively. 35-44 year olds were 28 % more likely to watch "Double Penetration" videos and 27 % more likely to watch "BBW" pornography, compared to all other age groups.

Searches for "trans" pornography increased by 214 % among visitors aged 45-54, and searches for "adult cougars" increased by 81 %. Compared to other age groups, 45-54 year olds were 53 % more likely to see the "handjob" category, 45 % more "mature" and 43 % more "bisexual".

Visitors aged 55-64 experienced an even greater increase in interest from 'trans', which increased by 290% over 2017. They also searched for 'mature amateur' 243% more than the previous year, and 167% more for 'hot grandma'. Compared to all other age groups, visitors aged 55-64 were 98% more likely to watch 'Vintage' videos, 89% more in 'Handjob' and 54% more in 'Mature'.

Pornhub's oldest visitors, over 65 years of age, searched for "extreme" videos, 210% more than in previous years, as well as 197% more in "Classic" and 183% more in "Bisexual Swingers". Revisiting the pornography of yesteryear meant that 65+ visitors were 122% more likely to view "Vintage" videos, 106% more in " Mature "and 68% more in "Small Tits" than younger age groups.

Devices and technology

Mobile pornography continued its meteoric rise throughout 2018, with 80% of Pornhub's worldwide visits now coming from smartphones and tablets, a gain of 8 % in share from smartphones since 2017, while the share from desktops dropped by 18 %.

In the US, mobile usage reached 91 % in 2018, with smartphone visits increasing in the top 20 Pornhub countries. With the growing availability of cheap data plans in India, it is not surprising that mobile usage reached 95 % in 2018. As Ukraine has entered the Pornhub top 20 for the first time, it is easy to see where much of this growth comes from with a 40% increase in smartphone traffic in the same year.

Operating Systems

Although desktop traffic continued to decline, Windows remained the most popular operating system for 77.1 % of visitors, while Google's Chrome OS saw a 30% increase in its share of traffic in 2018.

Among mobile users, Windows Mobile OS has largely disappeared from the map with a decrease from 50% of traffic share to only 0.9%. Apple's iOS has given up 2% of its share to Android which has increased by 2%. Android devices now account for 54.4 % of mobile visits and Apple's iOS 44.4 %. In our 2015 Review, Apple and Android were almost tied at 46% and 47% of traffic respectively, so it seems that other mobile OSes have disappeared (like Windows and Blackberry), Android has taken their market share.

Web browsers

Among desktops, the Chrome browser remains king with 57.3% of visits, with a gain of 8% in traffic share in 2018. Microsoft's Edge browser saw the biggest gain in traffic share of 17%, becoming the second most used desktop browser and surpassing its older brother Internet Explorer and even Apple's Safari.

On mobile devices, the Chrome browser saw a slight increase to 41.1%, breaking its previous link with Safari in 2017. Most other mobile browsers lost some of their share in 2018, as Samsung's mobile browser increased by 69% to account for nearly 5% of Pornhub's mobile visits.

Game consoles

The PlayStation console's share of traffic dropped by 3% in 2018 while the Xbox's share increased by 4%. This is not enough to dethrone the PlayStation as the best choice for playing with yourself, as it still accounted for 54.4% of all console traffic.

Nintendo 3DS traffic was reduced by almost half to 0.7 %, while PlayStation Vita traffic increased by 50 % to 7.3 % of all visits.

If Nintendo decides to unlock the switch's hidden web browsing feature, it will be interesting to see how this will affect the game system's traffic to Pornhub - we'll have to wait for Nintendo and the 2019 Year in Review to see if that happens!


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