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Social networks are almost the first use of the internet. The links with sex are therefore obvious. Today, in less time than it takes you to say "twitter", 12,000 tweets have been sent. Is there room for intimacy, maybe even love, in the virtual world? What effect have social networks had on our love life?

A new sexual revolution?

The Internet has ushered in a new era through "amateur" sex. Now more than ever, people can make new friends through shared interests instead of relying on chance. Social networks therefore make it possible to get straight to the point when it comes to eroticism and X.

The disadvantages of sex and social networks

When it comes to love and sex on the net, is it all good news? Maybe it's not.

Social networks allow us to meet new people, explore our fantasies... and connect with others who share our desires.

But they can also give us false hope that the "perfect" person exists and that, if we look hard enough, we will find him or her somewhere. It is up to us to use social networks to connect with other people rather than excluding potential partners because they do not meet strict criteria.

Social networks and X: a good combination

Social networks have contributed to sex more than ever before. People can't help themselves. Almost everyone loves it and the immediacy of social platforms plays on this spontaneous desire to share.

In the end, perhaps our sexuality is not so radically altered by the proliferation of social networks and is only improved by it.

Sex and shopping

We have observed the evolution of technology and with it the changing expectations of Internet users.

We expect everything from choosing our TV show to banking to be settled within a microsecond of pressing a button. It's the same with relationships, many stages of seduction can take place in a few minuteswherever people are in the world.

This made people much more demanding, as the range of potential partners widened from their circle of friends and local community to everyone else connected to the internet.

That's why instant login applications like Tinder have multiplied, because there are so many people to choose from, that it's easy to treat these early interactions as "disposable".

Are social networks safe?

Sex is great, but have you ever sent a very flattering picture of yourself in a new bra from your bed, in the middle of a Netflix series, to your Booty call, to get something that hot back? Better yet: have you ever done this on networks where you know for sure that your photos will disappear?

For those who want to "sexter" freely without worrying that their breasts or private parts are still wandering around somewhere in the cloud, it's best to be careful. But there are tricks to making everything amateur content X that you send to social networks a little more interesting than average, and all while decreasing the risk of everyone falling on it.

That's why we're going to tell you here what to keep in mind to make sure that you send each other amateur photos in the safest possible way.

Do you trust the recipient?

For example, the basic principle of Snapchat is that if someone takes a screenshot of you, you are immediately notified. But even these protections may not reassure you at 100% if the person who just saved your naughty photo doesn't care if you know it, for example. Also, there are other sneaky ways to save your photo (like asking a friend to take a picture of it with their phone). So imagine on the more standard social networks where there isn't even this kind of protection!

Basically: send your amateur photos to people you trust, otherwise nude leaks could be a problem. Explain why you don't want your photos to leak and what you expect from this erotic experience. Don't send them to someone you don't know very well or suspect you might send them to someone else.

Have fun with filters

Some social networks like Snapchat offer filters. You have every reason to use them for your sexting. It doesn't matter whether you choose the bunny-eyed rabbit look or you decide to get into the weird stuff with a deformed lens, a filter adds a little something to the experience.. Press the arrows at the top right of the camera to put it in selfie mode, then press the small button to the right of the camera button. That's it.

If you feel like doing a mini photo shoot because the current lighting in your room is not bad, feel free to take as many as you want with your phone camera and keep them aside for the next time you want to send small amateur photos to your partner.

There's nothing like having your little collection of beautifully crafted photos to send at any time and warm up the one who sees them, even if you can't take pictures right away!

Specialized sites like Balance ta Nude

To make good nudes, you can use specialized sites that offer a lot of examples. The best known in terms of naughty photos is Snapcoquin which has recently become Throw your nude and turns out to be the reference in the amateur nude scene on Snap, so we couldn't not mention it. This change was followed by many new features such as the possibility to find nude nudes on Snap, Twitter and Instagram.

If you want to make a good picture, it's better with good examples, then you can take a tour on the site, and if you're a player, you can even publish your nude or sextape.

Try some SFW (safe for work) photos first.

One of the main risks of using social networks compared to SMS is that you are a bit more likely to accidentally send your amateur photo anywhere, for example to the wrong person if the username is similar or in one of your stories.

If you're new to an application, give it a try and send your friend a picture of your houseplant or something to make sure they received it.

Add videos if you feel like it

Just as if you were taking a video on your Instagram story or on your iPhone camera, today any network allows you to send videos easily.

It's perfect for adding dirty lyrics or sexy dance moves, if that's what you're looking for! Don't hesitate to try it, it really adds spice to conversations between X fans.

Messages can also be saved

If you're only doing sexting (written sex)If you are using the "Chat" feature, messages in your discussions will not disappear automatically, except on certain applications. But even if messages are removed after a certain amount of time, nothing prevents your partner from copying or sharing them.

If this happens and you really don't want the message to be preserved for everyone to see, you will have to ask the person to cancel the recording of the message. A message will not disappear until BOTH parties delete it!

Reframing is your friend

If you don't want your face to be visible in these amateur photos, you can always take a strategic picture of your body, leaving out details that clearly identify you such as a tattoo or birthmark. (Honestly, the person receiving the photo is already lucky if they get even one picture of your elbow. Show only what you want!).

And if you need to block someone out...

If you are being harassed or sent unsolicited messages by someone else on amateur network X, don't hesitate for a second to block that person. You are there to please yourself, nothing forces you to devote your time to someone if he or she doesn't interest you.


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