The most popular toys from your favourite Camgirls

There is no knight without a sword, football players cannot play without a ball, a blacksmith cannot do without his hammer and you will never see a knight without a sword. Camgirls without their famous sex-toysBut what are these incredible utensils that these madames use to offer us succulent shows.

What are these famous "devices" that the Camgirls use?

But what are those famous utensils that our lovely people Camgirls tend to use? Well there are several, but the most famous and fun of them and without a doubt the Lush brand LOVENSEThe reason the toy Lush is used by the majority of the girls, it reacts according to the tips (= donations) that you give to the Camgirl you are watching, the higher the donations, the more intensely this little rascal vibrates. The device is customizable, allowing girls to change the intensity according to a rate they have set themselves.

Example of Lovense Lush rates

Example of tips for Lovense Toys

Lush and Nora, the ladies' favourites

LOVENSE creates for her ladies many toys that they particularly like, first of all the Lush mentioned above, without a doubt THE sex-toys most used by the Camgirls, its flexibility, its ease of use and the participatory side that the Lush has to offer. LOVENSE Lush brings and very much appreciated by both Camgirls and spectators, all of them use it, be it on Chaturbate, Live Jasmine, BongaCams or whatever. But LOVENSE has many other toys capable of awakening the incredible hidden talents of our Camgirls, the vibro' Nora and one of the many sex-toys from LOVENSE This high-tech vibrator capable of performing many feats is one of the utensils that every self-respecting Camgirls should own, just like the Lush. The operation is simple, the design optimizes to stimulate intense pleasures, its rotating head will easily stimulate the G-spot, it has several speeds of rotation and vibration. If the lady wishes, she can connect it to her smartphone and thus offer her partner complete control, which once again allows her to adapt the device according to the tips offered, the pleasures of these ladies are up to you.


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