Top 5 most famous French pornstars

27 July 2021

While France has many good things like food and wine, not to mention the best architecture in the world, things don't stop there. There are millions of French people in the world and some women have decided to take up adult acting. What we have prepared is a list of some of the best and simply the hottest French actresses who are still working in the porn industry.

Not only will you find the most popular pornstars in the adult business, but each one is linked to a source for a full video. If you're ready, let's climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris, grab a computer or phone and get ready to jerk off on top of the world.

Liza del Sierra

As my French friends said, Liza is "number one" and although there is another classy lady who is irresistible, I can understand why she is your favorite. Miss Sierra genuinely cares whether or not you get pleasure from sex. She's a great choice when you can't decide between French and Asian porn stars.

Anissa Kate

A pornstar with an absolutely incredible pair. I really think she deserves the title of best pornstar of this year. Anissa is French and almost all her videos exude elegance, perfume and prestige. I've never seen a video where someone jerks off in such a position.

Joseline Kelly

Now it's the ass that puts an end to all other asses. Such a round, muscular and cute little ass, with curves and the roundness of an apple. The panty pulled to the side makes this pornstar one of the best in her field. Her ass is the only reason I signed up for a premium porn sitewhich turned out to be the best decision I made this year. Well done and well done.

When I become a famous rapper, expect to see Joseline in most of my videos, shaking her ass and showing off her jewelry for your viewing pleasure.

Nikita Bellucci

Nikita sounds like a Russian name and Bellucci could very well be Italian. Maybe it's the result of inbreeding or just an odd choice for her porn star name. Nikita is a sexy French girl. There are several tattoos on her left and right arm. One of the best actresses in the anal field.

Claire Castel

Surprise! This is another anal pornstar and you know how much we love it. Claire is one of the two oldest French porn stars, which is quite remarkable. I like her style and her clothes, even if it's just lingerie.

The earrings are well chosen and there is even a small tattoo with text on her thighs. Kissing this pretty pornstar would be a once in a lifetime thing.

Feel free to share in comments the best French pornstars in your opinion.


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