The best sites to watch porn videos in French for free and in HD.

Top Site Adulte allows you to find the site you need among the best porn sites in the world. But of course, I can understand that we want to consume local products.

In France, and almost everywhere else in the world, it is in the 60's and 70's that pornographic films appeared for the first time.

Porn in France

For a long time, whether it is De Sade with "Justine" or François Rabelais with "Pantagruel", the French have a boundless curiosity for eroticism and pornography. It is therefore not surprising that the porn industry has developed explosively in France. It is with the hippie movements that pornographic films appear for the first time, being even diffused in the movie theaters.

At first called "films X" in France, porn was mainly distributed in the form of full-length films, which could easily be rented in a video store. It is obviously with the arrival of the Internet that porn is democratized and decomplexed. The Internet porn industry offers a totally private consumption of porn, no need to go through a third party. With rules that benefit consumers, pornography on the Internet has developed very quickly.

Many French actresses have marked the history of porn, not to mention Clara Morgane or Katsuni. Claudine Beccarie and Brigitte Lahaie were among the first porn stars, becoming the muses of sexual liberation between 1970 and 1980. Today, studios like Dorcel or J&M continue to live on thanks to the Internet.

The history of pornography in France is far too vast to be summarized in a few lines. Our goal is not really to educate you, but rather that you find something to jerk off to, we are not in school here, you are on TSA.

The best French porn sites

As said earlier, porn has a long history in France, so it's quite logical to find a plethora of porn studios and sites comfortably installed on the Internet.

That's why TSA offers this ranking of the best French porn sitesfree or paid.

Best Premium Porn Sites

Dorcel : Since its creation by Marc Dorcel in 1979, the X-rated film studio Dorcel has not stopped innovating. When he realized that the DVD format was becoming obsolete, Marc Dorcel launched his first VOD platform, DorcelVision. The services that Dorcel offers are very diverse, ranging from the simple erotic store to a large list of VR movies through the VOD platform, the studio does not stop innovating.

By subscribing to Dorcel's services, you will benefit from a large catalog of quality films and you will support the porn industry in France. If you want to take advantage of promotions on Dorcel services, you can see the list of Dorcel coupon codes.



Best Free Porn Sites

Tukif Tukif is without a doubt one of the most famous porn sites in the world and it is French. The numerous tools that the site puts at your disposal make the search ultra-simple and pleasant. You will be able to find precisely the content that gives you a hard-on without having to touch the search bar.

Tukif has a huge catalog of X movies, varied and of quality. On the site, you will find French porn, pro and amateur as well as more exotic content likeHentai translated in VOSTFR, censored or not. The more classic categories such as Anal, MILF or Big Breasts.

In short, you have here a site entirely translated into French with advanced search tools to help you navigate through the great diversity of content it offers.



🍌 How much does a celebrity sex tape cost?

Stars like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton have made their careers explode thanks to their sextapes. For this kind of scenes, studios like Dorcel would be ready to pay at least 500 000 €.

🍆 At what time of year are porn sites most frequented?

Often during times when sites offer promotions or access to premium content for free. You'll see sites like Dorcel or Pornhub have peaks of visitors during Valentine's Day or during the holiday season for example.

🍑 How much do porn actresses/actresses make?

It depends on the actor and his gender. If he is a man, he will rarely be paid more than 500 € per scene. In comparison, an actress like Valentina Nappi is paid around 1 000 € per scene.