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I have long been a fan of pornography. Not in the sense that I lock myself in my dark, dank basement and never socialize, but rather as a means of stimulation when I need a little "love". As a result of all this porn consumption, I like to think that I have discovered the best free websites to whore around on. I say "free", because nowadays nobody pays for porn anymore, right?

And indeed, few people pay for porn. According to several sources specializing in thestudy about ten years ago, the world pornography revenues were estimated to be almost 20 billion euros, half of these profits coming from the United States alone, those wankers.In 2011, these numbers dropped by 50 %, largely due to (or grace) to the huge amount of free porn available on the net. It is estimated that 80 to 90 % of Internet users only have access to free pornography. Which makes sense. I mean, why pay for porn when you can enjoy yourself without dropping a dime?

Well, there's an answer: so that you can continue to watch porn the hosts or sites of pornographic streaming, host stolen clips that the viewers can watch for free. These sites then generate revenue from the clicks, none of which goes to those who create the film, but rather to the sites that host the clips.

Since it is not the site itself that feeds the site, but rather the viewers, the hosting companies are not held legally responsible. By paying for porn, you give porn production companies the resources to create new content. By not paying, you reduce the profits of the porn industry and therefore the very future of pornography.

And so here is Pornhub Premium (for adults and only for adults, of course). Its objective is to mix the simplicity and ease of use of porn sites with the official pornographic content of pornographic productions (which, in the case of Pornhub Premium, include BrazzersReality Kings, Digital Playground and Fake Cab). Why all these sites? Well, they all belong to MindGeekwhich also owns Pornhub.


Pornhub What is Premium?

Pornhub Premium is a subscription streaming service that the media has come to call the "Netflix of porn". Although similar services have been offered in the past, none has had the recognition, quality and prestige that PornhubThis is why they are the only ones to offer a "Netflix" style porn platform that is widely used and popular.

For a subscription of only 9,99€ per month or 7,99€ if you choose the annual package, you will have access to many videos without ads, to a version well adapted to smartphones, to video qualities in 1080p and 4kto videos HD, (of news every day, I checked) from 60fps and over 13,000 DVDs (uh yeah, DVDs). But are these benefits worth the almost 10€ per month? (yes) 

Pornhub Premium Subscription

To write this article, I asked Pornhub a subscription Pornhub Premium, which they kindly offered me. This is how my month of paid porn started (and the transformation of my balls into tea bags).

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1 month of premium porn

From mid-June to mid-August, I let myself be tempted by what Pornhub Premium had to offer.

At first, I couldn't tell the difference between Pornhub and Pornhub Premium and I thought I had to click on a special option that would take me to the Nirvana I was promised, a more luxurious paradise. But it turns out that in terms of appearance the Premium version of the site was pretty much the same as its free counterpart.

Being able to watch DVDs (yes dDVDs) is however a much more satisfying advantage, which allows to better appreciate a well-written script and promising porn actors than when a video is edited, removing the dialogues. If you are the type of person who enjoys scenarios that create an escalation of sensuality, you will really appreciate this aspect of Pornhub Premium.

Premium members also have access to exclusive programs, like Netflix, the latest of which is "Full Holes"a parody of Full House, which was a good surprise for a porn parody.

Is it worth it?

Is it? From my point of view, yes. I believe that all creative effort should be rewarded. Plus, if we want pornographers to continue creating dirty versions of our favorite TV shows and movies, they need more money.

The HD porn is incredible, I find that there are few porn sites that offer similar quality and quantity of videos. Personally, the biggest advantage of Pornhub Premium is the value of the full DVDs which, when compared to the subscription price, is a pretty good deal.

Watching pornographic movies and the pornographic industry in general is still perceived as taboo, which could explain in large part why we are reluctant to spend money on it. CThis is probably the reason why similar services for film and television (Netflix, HuluShomietc.)as well as for the games (such as Playstation Plus or the Xbox GamePass) have managed to find greater success with the general public.


🍆 How much does Pornhub Premium cost?

It's €9.99 per month or €7.99 with the annual subscription. You can also get a free 7-day trial.

🍑 What content is available on Pornhub Premium?

There are over 100,000 premium videos. All videos are long and high quality (1080p, 4k, 60fps).

🍆 What are the features?

No advertising. Better quality. All videos that can be streamed in 1080p/4K will have this option. Faster streaming and 60fps.

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PornhubPremium is the paid version of the legendary site pornhub. Obviously everyone knows pornhub and it's not for nothing. This deserved success is due to many things, between their original and striking communication, their high quality content that arrive without ever stopping or the impressive diversity of videos that you can on the site you do not lack reason to be a fan of the site. brings together all these advantages and further improves the formula by removing ads and giving you access to even more content like VR or HD videos.
  • High quality video
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  • Lots of videos
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