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Pornstar Harem is a newly released porn game. You may have already heard ofHentai Heroes ? Well, the principle is the same except that this time, the game is not aimed at a public of nerds who have never seen a woman in their life. No, Pornstar Harem is more for the porn fan who would like to combine porn and video games.

No weird Hentai drawings with girls with disproportionate breasts, on Pornstar Harem you will find famous porn stars in embarrassing positions. Find out more about Pornstar Harem, the brand new game from the developers of Hentai Heroes in this article.

💎 Site Pornstarharem.com
🎮 Type Free2Play / Narrative
🖌️ Graphic design Pictures / Images
📙 Language English, French (Beta)
⭐ Note 5/5

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Registration on Pornstar Harem

To sign up, just click on the "Join" button at the top right of the page or click on the big "Play" button. Clicking Play will launch the tutorial and as you progress through the tutorial, the game will quickly display the registration form.

The Pornstar Harem registration form is super basic and easy to fill out. You just need to enter a Username, your email address and a password. For now, you don't even need to validate your email, although we recommend you to do so, but we'll come back to that later.

Start playing Pornstar Harem


Personally, I really like the story of Pornstar Harem. You play a young developer who would like to create a porn site that respects porn actresses by offering them the best working conditions and a good salary. Your dream attracts the attention of Shawna, an Angel who decides to grant you her divine powers. With your new powers, every woman sees you as the man they idealize. It doesn't take long before you bang your first girl, your sexy landlady comes knocking on your door and your mere presence immediately makes her all wet.

After you've kicked out your landlord, who is so addicted to your cock that he decides to pay you instead of collecting your rent, Shawna decides to explain why she gave you such powers. As said earlier, Shawna is an angel and in the Pornstar Harem universe, angels are naughty creatures who like to organize erotic tournaments to pass the time. For this new tournament, Shawna has decided to make you her champion, each champion must aspire to own the largest harem to win. Your goal in the game is simple, become the best porn actor with a huge harem.


The gameplay of Pornstar Harem is very similar to Hentai Heroes or Comix Harem. Pornstar Harem is a porn game focused on storytelling, so the story is very important, that's why it is so good. To progress in the story of Pornstar Harem, you will have to use "Energy". Energy is a completely free resource that is recharged over time, gold or with each level up, you consume energy every time you progress through a scenario.

Adventure Mode

It is in the adventure mode, a single player mode, that you will use most of your energy. The adventure mode is divided into several cities, which are themselves divided into several scenarios. As said earlier, each time you progress in a scenario, you will have to use your energy. When you run out of energy, you will either wait for it to recharge over time or use "Gold" (a premium currency) to recharge it. Gold has other uses besides recharging energy, but we'll talk about that later.

League mode

The league mode is a player versus player mode, you need a minimum of three girls in your harem to participate. You do not use energy to participate in the league mode, but challenge tokens. When you have used all your challenge tokens, you have to wait a little more than 30 min for a token to recharge or in the same way as energy, you can use gold to recharge your tokens.

In league mode, your goal is to advance to the top of the standings in your division for the duration of the season. At the end of each season, you will be awarded rewards based on your ranking and if your ranking is high enough, you will advance to the next division or receive even more rewards.

The Way of Divine Sex

The path of divine sex is a single player mode that allows you to get many rewards. Pornstar Harem being in beta version, there is only the champion mode available. In Champion mode, you face another champion in a coitus duel. Victory grants you new equipment and potentially a new girl in your harem.

Mobile application Pornstar Harem

Pornstar Harem is a very recent game that is still only in beta version. The developers have not yet released a mobile application, but it is still possible to play Pornstar Harem on your phone. All you have to do is launch Pornstar Harem directly on your smartphone's browser, put the game in full screen and place your phone in landscape position (on its side).

Pornstar Harem Price

Pornstar Harem is a completely free browser-based porn game. You can however accelerate your progress and improve your experience in exchange for "Gold" a premium currency. Gold prices are as follows;

Price of gold

🪙 600 5 €
🪙 1 320 10 €
🪙 2 760 20 €
🪙 7 200 50 €
🪙 15 600 100 €


The Night-Club is the equivalent of Pachinko in Hentai Heores. In the banners in the nightclub, you have a chance to get new girls or legendary items in exchange for an orb or a minimum of 540 gold.

Monthly Card

Monthly cards are a smart way to spend your money on Pornstar Harem. You have three different monthly cards available, the Silver Card for $2.99, the Gold Card for $9.99 and the Platinum Card for $29.99. They all offer benefits commensurate with their price, the Platinum Card for example, allows you to get 360 gold per day, a total of 10,800 at the end of the month. For only €29.99 you can get more gold than if you bought the €100 pack, in addition to the many advantages that the card offers.


🍑 Is Pornstar Harem free?

YES, you can sign up for Pornstar Harem for free. Paid features allow you to advance faster in the game, but are optional. No credit card required!

🍑 How do Pornstar Harem credits work?

You can buy credits, called gold bars, for certain additional game features. The more coins you buy, the bigger the discount you get. Sometimes the site will offer you special deals.

🍑 How to play Pornstar Harem?

All you have to do is register for free. Then, a tuto will explain the rules of the game. All you have to do is complete the objectives indicated. You can also compete against other players on the site. There is also a general ranking.


In addition to offering a superb scenario or actresses like Abella Danger or Riley Reid appear, Pornstar Harem has many other game modes. If Hentai is not your cup of tea, but you wish you could play a porn game like Hentai Heroes or Comix Harem, Pornstar Harem is for you.

Sign up via our link and validate your email to receive 150 free golden ligots to start your adventure in the best conditions. Become the best porn actor with the help of the divine powers of the angelic Shawna. Build the biggest Harem and the biggest porn empire with Shawna to win the angel tournament.

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Hentai Heroes is the most played sex game in France! It is a manga-style RPG porn game (hentai). Gather a team of women sexier than each other to fight against bosses and win your fights! A free porn video game that's easy to play. Mix fun and ass with Hentai Heroes.

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